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Track Live Flights Free of Charge

Flight tracking allows you to monitor air traffic online! If you use our flight tracking service, you will not only be able to identify the global location of an aircraft, but you care also provided with lots of flight data in real time. The tool offers a variety of features and tools so you can benefit from fast and optimized flight tracking.

No fees or hidden charges

Our offer is not only foolproof, it is also available to you completely free. No previous knowledge is needed! All you need is an up-to-date internet connection to use our flight tracking service and track any flight from your computer at home. Not only will you get a huge amount of details about the different aircrafts, you can also follow airplanes, in which your family members or friends are sitting or also observe flight routes, that are interesting to you.

You have two options to search for an aircraft, i.e. the flight data or the flight number. Once you start tracking a flight, you will immediately notice how exciting and extremely informative flight tracking can be. Drone pilots visit our portal daily as well; Drone pilots can monitor a specific airspace and make sure that they can fly uninterrupted with their drones.

How does flight tracking in real time work?

All civilian airplanes, which are equipped with a transponder, are displayed on our radar. In this way, the aircraft transmits not only a permanent signal of their current position, but also a vast number of flight data. This information can be accessed without restrictions and used by all air traffic portals.

Because of this, we can offer an extensive information platform, in comparison to individual portals and you can also choose between various vizualisation. The maps that you can use during flight tracking are taken over by the Casperflights and Flightradar24 portals. For this reason, you can access the relevant portal, depending on your taste, and satisfy your individual needs.

How does flight tracking work?

You will definitely be amazed how many aircrafts are currently flying around the world. Every minute numerous airplanes take off, which can be easily found and observed by means of flight tracking. You know the flight number or the airplane registration number? Then you can search for the respective aircraft via the search field in order to find it. While you are entering the terms, the portal will present you with suitable results.

Casperflights, on the other hand, allows you to search for a a specific place. The local search can be a useful feature, especially when you are interested in landing or take off activities at specific airports. This will allow you to easily determine whether a particular aircraft has already taken off or landed, how many airplanes are currently taking off, or how the air traffic actually looks like.

How do you use the map?

Flightradar24 and Casperflights have extremely comprehensible maps. These maps can be accessed at any time and have been carefully integrated into our website. All flight objects are marked by different symbols on the respective maps. Additionally, the zoom function allows you to zoom in and out. This makes it possible to easily find the aircraft you are looking for, search for specific destinations and monitor particular regions. So, if you wish to monitor the airspace of an airport, this function will allow you to zoom into the area. This makes it possible ton reduce flight tracking to a particular map section. In doing so, you will automatically reduce the amount of visible aircrafts, which allows you to get a better overview.

You will notice that there are also variations in size. For instance, a small icon indicates that it is a small aircraft; while larger symbols are used for a large aircraft. Helicopters have their a unique sign. You also have the option to find out whether it is a commercial aircraft (transport aircraft), a regular flight or whether it is a private airplane. Moving your mouse over any of the displayed icons will allow you to get information about the identification number of the aircraft. The aircraft identification number is an alphanumeric string, which allows you to identify the flight object even further.

Get real time information on airplanes that fly over your home!

Flightradar24 allows you to enlarge your very own reality! You just realized that there is an airplane above you and want to know where it is headed to? Hold your device in the direction of the sky and you will be presented with lots of information in no time. You will immediately know which aircraft has just flown over your house, how fast it was, and where it is travelling to.

Look forward to numerous details

Once you click on the aircraft symbol, numerous information will be available on the left side. Here you are presented with a photo of the aircraft, the flight number and the airline. Additionally, the “Flight Information” section provides even more information on the current flight – for instance, the departure or destination airport, the departure or arrival time, according to the flight schedule or even in real time, allowing you to determine if the flight will be arriving on time or delayed. Flight tracking is especially useful if you want to pick up a friend, acquaintance or family member from the airport and want to avoid unneeded waiting times.

Even the distance to the departure and destination airport will be displayed graphically, which gives you an immediate overview of the flight. You will not just receive technical information about the flight, but the the aircraft as well. These information include details about the type of aircraft and the speed, the current airport and also the flight coordinates. Clicking on the aircraft will display its current position directly on the map. In addition, all other airplanes are hidden and the map adjusted accordingly, allowing you to see the departure and destination locations.

You want more information?

You are not yet 100% convinced by all the features? Don´t worry, there are other features as well that can be purchased through an account upgrade. There are three packages available – silver, gold and business.

Share the information with your Facebook friends

Of course, this service would not be complete without an integration into social networks! Just one click is enough, in order for you to share the flight data of Flugradar24 on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter. You can even forward the data by e-mail. This makes it possible to forwarded the current information to a certain group of people. Take this opportunity to inform friends and family members so that they know the passengers are doing well, when the airplane is going to arrive or possible delays.

Benefit from the advantages

Maps of several providers are the main benefit of our portal, supplying you with a broad range of information! You can choose to either use the features and maps of Casperflights or Flightradar24. Are there any additional benefits? We have developed a user-friendly design in order to guarantee you fast and easy access. Even if you are still a beginner and do not have previous knowledge, you will have no problems while using our portal!

Profitieren Sie von den Vorteilen

Unser Portal überzeugt mit der Tatsache, dass Sie die Karten von mehreren Anbietern nutzen können. Somit erhalten Sie breitgestreute Informationen! Sie können die Karten und Funktionen von Casperflights oder Flightradar24 nutzen. Ein weiteres Plus? Wir haben auf eine anwenderfreundliche Gestaltung geachtet, sodass wir Ihnen einen schnellen und auch einfachen Zugriff garantieren können. Auch dann, wenn Sie noch zu den Anfängern gehören und keine Vorkenntnisse haben, werden Sie auf unserem Portal keine Probleme haben!