Flight tracking

Track flights free of charge

You want to monitor and track which aircrafts are in the air? Flight radar makes it possible! Our service is completely free of charge and no obligations – you also don’t need to install any software, which needs to be downloaded and installed in advance. Our service is not only beneficial for when you have to pick up your friends from the airport, but it is also a great hobby and fun as you get an abundance of information and details about the different aircrafts currently in the air and their flight routes.

Track flights with our radar

You want to know which aircrafts are in the air at the moment? You are curious about information on individual aircrafts or want to know how long the airplane, which your friends are currently travelling in, will still be travelling? Use our unique service to track and observe flights via our flight radar. Aside from real-time information about the aircraft, you will also receive specific details about the airplane.

Apart from information such as where the aircraft is currently located and its arrival time, flight tracking can be a a great pastime, because informing yourself about the individual aircrafts can be a lot of fun. This experience will make you feel like you are actually sitting in one of the many airplanes. You will be able to get information regarding the location of the selected aircraft, its speed and current altitude. What is the benefit? Flight tracking is 100% free – there are no requirements to meet or commitments to make in order for you to use flight tracking. All you have to do is click on the plus sign and then zoom into the aircraft to get all the important information!

How flight tracking works

Are you interested in live information about specific flights or aircrafts? Then take advantage of Flightradar24’s flight tracking service. You will be presented with information about the current destination of the flight as well as when and where the aircrafts are landing or if they are just about to take off. This tool will allow you an insight into a world, which takes place right above your head.

You only get reliable information and clear facts, something that usually only passengers of the specific plane have access to. These features are available completely free of charge – no requirements or additional programs are needed to view the information about the specific aircraft. This allows way you to get information on aircrafts that are currently in the air and sometimes even transport your friends, your relatives or acquaintances.

What information is transmitted?

Our flight tracking service provides you with all information and details: For example the current speed, the altitude of the aircraft and the already traveled distance. You will also be able to find out whether the aircraft is a private flight or an ordinary scheduled flight. All these informations are provided completely free of charge.

Who can benefit from flight tracking?

What is the benefit of flight tracking for the user? First of all, it is a lot of fun – if you want information about the many aircrafts flying in the skies, flight tracking will be definitely the right offer for you. However, flight tracking is not just about fun – flight tracking is also a very practical and handy tool: employers can track planes in which one of their employees are traveling in order to inform the relevant office if the flight arrives later than expected.

You also have the possibility to ensure yourself about the well being of your loved ones, if they are currently travelling on an airplane. Flight tracking can also be useful if you need to pick up someone from the airport. Will the plane arrive on time or at a later time? You can also track a specific flight, if you have the corresponding flight number.

Free flight tracking

Our service is completely free and available without registering or downloading any sorts of programs. You will be surprised how many aircrafts are flying in the skies. Not only will you get information about the different aircraft but you are also provided with unique details about them.

However, information such as the current altitude, the speed of the aircraft and the traveled distance, will also be provided to you. The time until the flight reaches its destination is shown as well. You will notice aircrafts with a question mark on them – these are usually private flights. No need to worry, you will also be able to track these private planes. All flight movements are displayed on the radar, you are even able to track helicopters!

All information are available to you

You can use different apps in order to get a wealth of information. In general, however, you will only receive information that the transponder sends to the plane. Each app will allow you to see the current destination, altitude and already traveled distance, but also information regarding when the aircraft will arrive at its destination. However, information about delays, the arrival time and incidents are usually transmitted as well. In general, you usually get the same information as the passengers of the flight, but sometimes you are provided with even more details about the flight.

You will have the feeling as if you were sitting in the plane you are just tracking. Flight tracking is an extremely useful service, that also has some great advantages: Maybe you want to check on your family members while they are travelling on an airplane or you just need information the arrival time or delays, because you have to pick up someone from the airport. However, private individuals are not the only ones that use flight tracking, business owners who send goods or employees on a trip can benefit from flight tracking as well. If the airplane should have a delay, they can inform potential business partner that their employees will arrive later as planned or that the goods will not be delivered on time.

There are no costs or fees!

Naturally, many people are sceptic: Is flight tracking really free of charge or do you bill some information after use? One word, No! Our fight tracking service is 100% free. We can assure you, there are no hidden costs and no conditions that must be met. All you need is a working Internet connection – That’s it. A tip: Zoome as close as possible to the plane, in order to get additional information about the aircraft.

As an aviation enthusiast, you will be able to track any flight, or use the search function to find specific flights and monitor them in the future. You can also use your smartphone to track a flight. This is especially handy when you are on the go and need to pick up someone from the airport. Will the plane arrive on time or do you still have some time to do other things? Flight tracking is also used by drone pilots, which them to see if there is an aircraft in their near proximity. It should be noted, however, that the maximum height of 120 meters can not be exceeded!

Track any airplane easily!

Flight tracking is especially useful for everyone that wants to track a flight and get all the information about the different types of aircrafts. Flight tracking will provide you with interesting insights and sometimes even with information that you have not known before. Flight tracking is not just a handy tool if you want to pick up your beloved ones from the airport, it is also perfect for those who like to pass some time, but also want information about the planes, that are currently flying above their heads.

Use Apps to track flights

You also have the opportunity to install apps on your smartphone or tablet, in order to track and observe different aircrafts on the way. These apps are completely free of charge; there are no hidden charges involved.